We have taken a thorough approach when it comes to adhering to all Government guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and customers whilst maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

So, what have we done?

  • When calling to reserve a table we do ask to pre-order meals to reduce contact in handling menu’s. (This is not mandatory as we understand not all circumstances lend themselves to making menu choices in advance. We have laminated menu’s that are sanitised between every use for this.) Pre-ordering also helps us keep a tight staffing level to again reduce the exposure levels.
  • When taking reservations we do not over book tables in hopes of multiple sittings. We allocate one party to one table for the entirety of our lunch and dinner service. We will thoroughly sanitise all tables once vacated which may cater to any walk in customers who have not booked in advance. We do not impose a time limit on any customers visit to ensure the best experiences and we will not insist your table move to make room for another following booking.
  • We have a one way system, there is a wall mounted hand sanitiser located just outside the main bottom front door and you will find another located on the exterior wall by the top dining room exit.
  • As per new laws, all members of staff wear a mask whilst serving tables and in public areas. Customers are also now required to wear a mask when entering and navigating around however these may be removed once sat at your table.
  • Tables have been removed from both our lower bar area and also the top dining room to ensure social distancing. We are very lucky to have the space available to maintain closer to 2m distancing between the majority of tables rather than scaling down to 1m.
  • Every table has its own bottle of hand sanitiser, a track and trace form, as well as a bottle of antibacterial sanitiser surface spray and brand new, clean cloth. Everyone can set their minds at ease by using the spray and cloth if they want to. We have also designated multiple baskets in the restaurant and lower bar area to dispose of any used cloths as to avoid cross contamination. All tables are sanitised between customers as standard but we wanted to go a bit further to make sure everyone who visits us feels as safe and as comfortable as possible.
  • Laminated drinks menus are provided to each table and sanitised after every use. We have full table service, however we also have a text service to order drinks from the garden area or the lower bar area. This keeps our bar area completely free for access for customers entering and navigating to the toilets.
  • The bathrooms are now single occupancy, we have installed a lock on the main entrance to both bathrooms to ensure the one in one out system. Simply lock the door behind you when you enter.

We have implemented these actions to make sure all of our customers and staff continue to enjoy their time at The Wellington Inn and to keep coming back happy and healthy.

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